I bounced out of bed this morning…ouch. My nose just hit the computer screen. OK – the truth: my husband brought me breakfast in bed at 9:58 am because I was to too lazy to
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "versailles opera royal concert"move. After my coffee I felt slightly better. Why was I such a slug? I went to the opera last night and saw the Myth of Orpheus with Philippe Jaroussky. It was lovely, and very tragic, and I saw in in the Opera in the Chateau Versailles (Yes, I’m spoiled!)  We were in box seats and had a wonderful view. I got home late then finished editing a book with my mom (thank you thank you thank you!), and then, just because we writers are Masochists – I stayed up and re-read the whole thing before sending it off to the publisher because Who Needs Sleep, right?

However, once out of bed, I decided to Clean the House (note the capital letters – I don’t just clean, I Clean.) So, I take everything off shelves, dust, clean, and rearrange. I feel a slight pang of guilt about not doing the drawings I promised for my sister in law, so  I take some chalk and doodle on the dining room wall. Then I take my dog outside and play with him until he’s tired. He’s now kaput – stretched out on the couch and snoring. I finished the living room and kitchen, and stalled. Bedrooms and bathrooms may have to wait for more coffee or something. Then I wrote a blog post for my alter ego, Samantha Winston, and sent that off to a writer friend. WIN_20170313_170310

I also reflected on the silly thing I did the other day. My sister in law, as I said earlier, wants a drawing for her dining room wall – a big drawing of horses. So, I had a great idea. I took a black pastel and drew all over my white kitchen wall. Then I wanted to adjust a line. I took a sponge and wiped – and the black pastel smeared all over the wall. It did not wipe off – it smeared! The black seemed to multiply. The entire wall was a dark gray mess when, a half an hour later, I had wiped off the whole drawing. My husband, never very sympathetic when I do stupid things, told me he hoped I was having fun, and went back to his rugby game. I spent 2 hours scrubbing that wall. I scrubbed and rubbed, and swore, and then of course went out and got some white chalk and doodled all over the dining room wall. Some of us are gluttons for punishment. (No, this is chalk, it washes right off. I hope.)