Being an author used to mean writing, sending the book or article to an editor, and collecting royalties or getting a flat fee. Being an author means holding down a full-time job besides writing – very few authors can support themselves writing (I think the percentage here in France, anyway, is 1% – not very inspiring is it?) Being an author now means having to promote your own work.

Authors are encouraged by their publishers to have their websites, their blogs, their plogs, their writer’s space, their ‘freinds’, their chat groups, their mailing lists, their newsletters, their contests, their chats, and their own original ideas about promoting their book. Not to mention traveling to conventions, book signings, postcards, business cards, bookmarks, cover flats, and special stickers with ‘autographed copy’ written on them. (If I’ve left anything out please let me know – I’m trying for a complete list here!)

So, I struggle to come up with new, exciting, fun ways to promote my book that have nothing to do with spending money I don’t have, or taking too huge a chunk of time out of my day. I like to write. I don’t know how to promote. All I can do it post my links ad nauseum, and hope people love my story!  Enjoy!