Last night, my whole family came to visit. My mother, my father, my grandparents, my step-mother, my sisters and brothers in law, their children, and even some cousins. I went to meet them at the docks. They came down the gangplank with their luggage. One person carried a cage holding a big white owl. Another led a draft horse.

We kissed and hugged as they arrived. The quai was soon full of baggage, children running to stretch their legs, men looking expectantly towards the bustling wharf, while the women crowded around me. In my dream, everyone looked the same, but they were dressed in clothes from the 1800’s. I held a sheaf of papers in my hands and as I watched, they blew away in the wind. That made the horse shy and it galloped away, trailing its lead.

The first thing I did, in my dream, was run after the horse. It cantered along a crowded footpath next to a canal causing people to leap out of the way, and one poor man on a bicycle to fall into the water. Then, hearing other horses in a stable nearby, it stopped and went into the courtyard to be sociable. I nabbed the horse’s halter and pulled it back to the docks where my family was now loading their luggage onto a large wagon. As I arrived, the owl’s cage fell, and the bird toppled in front of an oncoming cart and was run over. Shouts and cries! Somehow, I ended up with the owl – it turned to be a stuffed owl – while the bags were finally arranged, and children and adults climbed aboard. Still holding the stuffed owI, I tied the draft horse to the end of the wagon. Before they drove off, we spoke about the trip.

The plan was to meet at the inn where everyone was staying. It was a few kilometers up the coast, near a huge grotto, and the men had decided they would go caving. The women wanted to walk along the beach and look for fossils. Supposedly that was the latest rage. I looked at the sky. Dark rain clouds billowed on the horizon. I wondered if it wouldn’t be more prudent to stay indoors.  “And do what?” They asked.

“Watch TV?” I said.

“What is that?” they asked me. But when I tried to explain, a bolt of lightning flashed in the distance, and I woke up. Apparently you can’t tell about modern inventions when you travel back in time.

Luckily, that doesn’t happen to Asheley. Oh, and by the way –The Road to Alexander is out today! Hurrah, hurrah! I am going to get another cup of coffee, and then watch the rain.