Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day – my favorite holiday day, only because it’s just for fun, with love as the theme; CupidImage result for Valentine card packs 1960s with his little wings and arrows, candy, and pretty pink and red hearts trimmed in lace. I once had a terrible Valentine’s Day. This is a true story – when I was in school we used to give out cards. Our parents would buy a bunch of those little Valentine cards with the cute sappy pictures and puns. I’d prepare the cards, carefully writing the name of every child on the back, to give to the whole class. My parents were educators, so they insisted that everyone get one.

That day (I must have been in third grade), the teacher told us it was time to give out the cards. I did, then sat at my desk, waiting for my cards. I didn’t get a single one. The teacher, seeing my discomfort, quickly cut out a big red heart from construction paper and wrote “Be My Valentine” on it, and slipped it on my desk. (Thank you, teacher.) But it really didn’t help. Some kids only got one or two cards. (Some kids only got my card, in fact). But I was the only one not to get a single Valentine. Despite that, I still like the holiday. The trauma was erased when I got home and received a ton of hugs for my flood of tears. At least I had a loving family. Some of the kids in my class, I knew, went home to – well, let’s just say there were some very needy children in my class, back in rural NY in the 1960’s.

Here is the Valentine I dreamed of getting (it had a horse on it) – I wanted to save it out of the bag of Valentines and keep it for myself – but there were just enough to go around. I can’t remember who I gave it to – but to whomever did get it, you must have meant a lot to me when I was 7 years old!Image result for Valentine card packs 1960s







My favorite Valentine gift was from my husband – a surprise trip to London for the weekend, staying in a romantic little bed and breakfast hotel. That was years ago – I think I’m due for another Valentine surprise – or at least some candy (chocolate) or a card…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! This card is for you!