Dear Santa,

Despite what you may have heard, I’ve been pretty good this year. It’s true I tend to rant a lot, especially on Facebook, and especially since the Donald was elected president of the US by a minority vote, but who’s counting? I have started telling everyone I’m from the Caribbean when they ask – I no longer say “America”, when I do, people look sympathetic, as if I’m suddenly seated in a wheelchair or I’ve just announced I have leprosy. When Bush was president, I admit things were bad – he was like a toddler with a rocket launcher. But this is worse. The Donald is a crazed toddler with the Nuclear button at his fingertips. I don’t pray very often, but lately I’ve been praying a lot. “Dear God, I’ve never asked for a lightning bolt before, but….”¬†

At any rate, Santa, I was hoping to ask for peace on Earth, goodwill to mankind this Christmas season. A nice gift would be the gift of tolerance. There are many people I’d like to receive this gift. People who tend to lump everyone in groups or speak from ignorance: “immigrants are all terrorists”, “homosexuals should not be allowed to raise children”, “marriage is for a man and a woman”, “there is a war on Christmas.” Santa – I ask you – has anyone declared war on Christmas? I’m shaking my head here. Even my Muslim friends have Christmas trees and sing Christmas carols – how ignorant can you get to claim there is a war on Christmas?

As for the immigrants are terrorists – Santa, do I look like a terrorist to you? And yet, I’m an immigrant, and my family arrived in America on boats – one jumped overboard and swam ashore, he was on a prison boat headed towards a prison colony and life as an indentured servant – he jumped ship and arrived in the US with no papers, clandestine, and criminal. Now it’s a family story. Do you think that the refugees who are arriving in Europe and America will have family stories too?

Dear Santa, several of my friends, including school friends, are raising children in same-sex households. Their children are pretty cool, seem very well adjusted, are doing great in school, and are happy and healthy human beings. I’m sure they have questions about who they are and where they came from, and some of those questions will never be answered – but that won’t ruin their lives, any more than my adopted friends who grew up in more traditional households lives were ruined. People adapt pretty well. But I have friends who believe that gay people shouldn’t marry or have kids. For Christmas, could you please give them understanding, and failing that, could you have them read these scientific studies that show that children raised by same sex parents thrive? I’m not saying shove the studies down their throats. I’m simply thinking it very loudly.

Dear Santa, the Christmas tree lights are blinking. Night has fallen. I made cookies this afternoon and the house smells like chocolate and brown sugar. I don’t want anything for myself for Christmas – truly, all I want is Peace on Earth, and that part about Good Will is important too. A little more tolerance, except for the Donald. A little more love – for everyone. A little more sharing. I promise to do my part this year, if you do yours, Santa.

Here you go – this song is for you.