I don’t know if it’s the season, or the weather, but tonight I was swamped with nostalgia. It could have been the woman drawing a picture of the barman in the bistro,


or the sound of the accordion playing in the metro…

It may have been because it was the last time I’d be at a conference with my good friend, mentor and boss Jean Pierre, who is retiring this year. We worked together for nearly ten years, and now he is handing over the business to someone else.  I’ll still be doing my job, but it won’t be in the office with Jean Pierre, sipping a cup of coffee (and always served with a square of dark chocolate!) I’ll be at home with my laptop – with Auguste lying on my feet.

It may be that Sebi is home with a cold, all wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and sniffly – we sat around after dinner with mugs of homemade hot chocolate, laughing about silly things – there is a present under the tree shaped like a tombstone, which the kids find hilarious (it’s a pub sign for Stef – shhhhhh! it’s a surprise!). I haven’t seen Sebi in a while. He’s thrilled because he asked for a transfer to the “police technique” and was accepted. He starts in January, but doesn’t know yet where in Paris he’ll be stationed.

So nostalgia is in the air – it could be anything really – the clouds in the sky, the sound of traffic, the sigh the dog makes when he lies down next to the radiator… or the sound of an accordion in a train at night.