I mostly daydreamed and doodled during class. I did some amazing drawings while I was in school while I was supposed to be doing algebra or reading my history lessons. After I graduated I went to art school – and one of my classes was anatomy. It was my favorite class and I still have all my notes from it. We studied human anatomy for drawing and painting, and I loved drawing the bones and adding the tendons, ligaments and muscles. I bought a book on animal anatomy, and spent hours drawing the skeletons and muscles of dogs and horses, cats and birds. I had always been crazy about dinosaurs, so of course a lot of my drawings were dinosaurs – running, eating, sitting around looking hungry.. but I always thought I was kind of geeky liking all this stuff, and that no one else could possibly be interested. Then I found the most excellent geeky bunch of sites, and one of them is run by a zoology museum curator who posts a picture of some bones every Friday and you have to guess what they are. At any rate, if you are interested in zoology and bones, check it out, it’s a lot of fun guessing. (Here is the site). 

A list of excellent geeky sites I love:

Scientific American – A cool site with links and articles galore – one link is The Unfeathered Bird – It’s just what it says. Nature is a cool site for, well, nature (d’uh).  Museums and collections has a blog – it’s quite fun and the articles are short, interesting, and well written.

The Histomap – if you have always wanted to put history in perspective.  And history isn’t complete without the French Revolution Digital collection.  And speaking of digital collections,  there is The New York Public Library’s digital collection (for your spare time).  And of course, there is the Book of Kells for you art geeks (I know you’re out there).

I’m sure you have your own geeky sites – share them here for everyone to see in the comments please!