I even have all my gifts done. What is wrong with this picture? Usually I buy the tree in a panic a few days before Christmas, and seriously, how many times have I been shopping for gifts the day before we have to put them under the tree? Most years, I finish everything on Christmas day, and that includes shopping for dinner. I seem to be incapable of thinking ahead. This year we got the tree the first week of December – and it is sitting there making the house look very festive. I found some nice watercolor paper and started doodling cards, and have finished them yesterday and will be printing them up. Amazing. Christmas cards done before the new year even begins! 

Is it the quiet house? Without the twins and Julia, Auguste looks positively lonely. I might have gotten the tree to keep him company.

Two stories about Kalin before I forget. He’s been very silly lately. He was playing with his friend Caretta who is in the next field over. They were both on their hind legs, boxing, and Kalin came down right on top of the electric ribbon. He jumped and demolished part of the fence but didn’t get tangled in the wire – but he’s staying far away from the fence (and Caretta) now. And today he had a séance of shiatsu, from one of Julia’s friends who is studying to be a horse massage therapist. Since Kalin has liver trouble (very slight) from his chronic piroplasmosis, she worked on him and he was all weird after – walking crooked and half asleep. Apparently that is a good sign – his stress is being alleviated! In one month he gets another séance – I will post about his progress!