According to some scientists, we make our own realities. Humans are, as far as we know, the only creatures on this earth who create imaginary worlds. We have gods and we have money; both things representing an idea that is intangible and constantly changing. We have language, myths, songs, stories – all contributing to build our reality around us. And we don’t see the world as it really is. We have been programmed to survive, and that means we can occult facts that could get away with that survival. Just a small example: We know (scientifically) that there is a finite amount of arable land on earth, and we also know that the earth itself is only good for another 60 harvests or so before it will become depleted. In order to survive, mankind has to first address this problem, find a solution, and implement it in order to insure good harvests to feed the planet. The problem: Change the way we grow our food. The solution: There are many different ways to farm, and in many places farmers are putting these practices into use. However, farming is now done on an industrial scale and most of these solutions are only practical for small holdings. Reality: A large famine can be expected in about 65 – 70 years from now, involving much of the world. Reality created by most humans: “I buy my groceries at a store, the shelves are always full. This does not concern me.” “What does this have to do with Kim Kardashian? This does not concern me.” “I live in a poor section of Africa, and I already struggle to feed my family. I will continue to struggle, this does not concern me.” “There are bombs dropping on my city. This does not concern me.” I’m concerned, but what can I do? I’m not a farmer, I live in an apartment!” “I didn’t see this on the news. It must not be true.”

We have created something called “The News” in order to feed us our reality. Unfortunately for us humans, “The News” is easily manipulated, and we are easily influenced. Our brainwashing starts at a very early age, and it is increasingly difficult to find humans who have not been brainwashed into believing that: Their skin color makes them different. Their religion is the one true word of God. Their system of government is the only good one – (choose one) Capitalism, Socialism, Communism is the only right way. Money is important to happiness and rich people deserve their money, whereas poor people must have done something to deserve being poor. Addiction is something you can overcome with a little willpower. Depression is all in your head, you can snap out of it. Animals in zoos are happy to be there, they get free food and care. We eat meat because it’s good for us. It goes on and on… Falsehood after falsehood that we gather to ourselves and surround ourselves with and ultimately form to create our version of reality.

Another case: Reality: There is a finite amount of oil – when it runs out, which it will, it will create a catastrophe for mankind affecting every sector of life on earth. Problem: The companies that mine this oil are incredibly wealthy and wealth and oil are intricately linked. The oil companies of the world have managed to: convince governments to give them huge handouts for prospecting. They have managed to convince governments to waive most of their taxes. They have convinced governments to tax the people using the oil, instead of the companies that extract it, refine it, sell it, and in doing so, pollute huge tracts of land. They have convinced people that cars and planes running on gas are the only viable solutions, that natural gas being exploded from the ground via fracking is a viable idea, and that global warming does not exist, or if it does, it’s being blown out of proportion by a group of hysterical scientists. Solution: There are many solutions involving clean energy – wind, sun, rivers, the tides…but investment into oil is so huge that humans are nearly helpless to create a reality where the earth is run on clean energy, unless they do it by themselves and live “off the grid”, which is another way of labelling humans with a realistic view of the planet in a condescending way, designed to repel other humans from living “off the grid” and taking money away from oil companies.

If you knew that the world would end in 65 years, wouldn’t you be hysterical too?  Scientists are among the rare humans who are not so deeply brainwashed that they don’t look at facts realistically. They try to use “The News” to spread their findings, but are constantly stymied by humans who can’t understand their view of reality. In some ways, they have found breakthroughs. Thanks to scientists and doctors, our reality of illnesses such as polio and the measles has changed. We now know that we can stop these with vaccinations. That is, until a group of humans decides that vaccinations are dangerous in their reality, and have created a reality for themselves that says that vaccinations cause autism. Actually, no one really knows what causes it, but these humans have made their own reality, and the needless deaths that have occurred from whooping cough and measles do not penetrated the fog of their “reality”.

So where does your reality begin and end? What realities do you live by? Do you believe in Capitalism? God? That Muslims are violent, that poor people are lazy, that orcas are happy in their aquariums? What realities have you created to make your life easier, to fit in with your society, and to survive?  Let’s think about it, and see if we can collectively bend our realities to make this planet a good place for our children and grandchildren – where clean energy is the norm, where global warming is reversed, where religion is put back into the myth section, and where everyone has the chance at education and healthcare, and even a “living wage”, paid to everyone whether or not they work.