Auguste never used to get up on the couch. He was a good dog. And then one day, he just decided he wanted to sleep on the sofa. We walked in the living room one morning, and there he was, curled up and sound asleep.cropped-wp_20151208_00_13_16_pro.jpg

Ever since, he’s slept on the couch. I guess he just figured he’d gotten to an age (10) where he deserved a new bed (he already has several cushions – one right in front of the radiator). Now his favorite perch is on the couch, curled up against Stef, watching TV. Since Stef likes nature shows, Auguste is quite interested, especially if there are other dogs or wolves on the screen. My sons roll their eyes and say he’s a spoiled dog. I agree.

Auguste has a sister, who lives in Montchauvet. Today, her owner came for coffee and we were talking about dachshunds. They are small dogs, with huge personalities. Auguste’s sister is quite a character, who opens purses and bags if there is anything to eat in them. She nearly died after eating a whole bar of chocolate, but that doesn’t stop her from stealing food whenever she can. Her last exploit was grabbing six shish kebabs from the table and eating them, leaving only the metal skewers.

Auguste loves to go on long walks, but when he’s too tired, he’ll just sit down, and he won’t move an inch. The only thing to do is to pick him up and carry him. This is easy when Kalin is around, but I’ve had to carry him for miles through the forest and brambles  when he’s decided he’s had enough of a hike. Luckily, he’s pretty tough and it takes a lot to wear him out! And now when he’s tired – he crashes on the couch.