Today after work, I made hot chocolate.
It was a rainy, blustery day. I stepped in a puddle as I got out of the car. A bus drove by too fast and splashed me. My white shoes and white pants were spattered in rainwater and mud. Inside, my dog greeted me with happy woofs and my husband went out in the rain to get some chocolate bread – pain chocolate – See original imageso we could have a cozy tea. Suddenly, it wasn’t all drizzle and gray.
Here is the hot chocolate recipe I used this evening: heat up some milk and add either powdered chocolate (what I had) or squares of dark chocolate (better, I admit!). Stir, and then add some créme fraiche and whisk until very smooth. (Be careful not to boil the milk!) When it is steaming hot, you can put an egg yolk in a bowl and whisk in a few spoonfuls of the chocolate milk along with a teaspoon of cornstarch, if you want. Then whisk that back into the pan and heat, whisking until it’s a bit frothy (but not boiling!). Serve in big mugs with a dollop of whipped cream or a couple marshmallows if you want.

It got me thinking of the first time I had chocolate bread. I was working in Paris, and someone went out to get what I thought were croissants. I took a bite, and thought I’d died and gone to heaven – warm, flaky puff pastry surrounding two narrow bars of dark chocolate. I think I lived on “pain chocolate” for the next three months – I went into every bakery I came across to get them morning, noon and night!

I’m being nostalgic, because I am still upset about Trump. It sounds silly and trite, but I think part of my problem is my memory. It’s annoying sometimes to have a photographic memory. Articles I’ve read, pictures I’ve seen, things that happened – all filed away in my mind. I can sort through my memories like a computer sorts through its files. Ask me, I remember what happened to me that day.  And one thing I remember is the state of the USA before and after Reagan. Before and after Bush. Before and after Obama. I remember the hysteria that shook the nation when Obama was elected. People actually killed themselves (and one also his wife and children) when he was elected, and one just went crazy and ran over her husband. Of course, people are protesting in the streets now  – I believe protests are still legal in the USA.

Other Republicans sacked their employees, blaming Obama. Election Day got pretty ugly at the University of Mississippi, when hundreds of students gathered the school’s campus to riot after the race was called for Obama. There were plenty of racial slurs hurled about the President and African Americans in general. Obama signs were burned to the ground. Police eventually had to break up the mob.

Oh, and does anyone remember that buffoon Rush Limbaugh pointed his sleazy finger at women for putting Obama back in office?  The obnoxious GOP mouthpiece said on his radio show that he blames the gender gap for the president’s victory and women for falling in to Obama’s trap, “He treats them like vaginas and they say he’s my man.” 

And anti-Obama Republicans in Texas tried to incite a civil war, demanding that their state leave the rest of the country and the “maggots” who helped secure a second term for President Obama.

Oh yes, the Republicans were such gracious losers. And they want us to all play nice now and be huggy kissy care bears. I’m nostalgic for a time when we all got along together, but I can’t for the life of me remember when it was. When Jimmy Carter was elected, I had a friend burst into tears and say she would never respect a peanut farmer as president. When Reagan was elected – OK, he fucked the economy and paved the way for the coming of the new Feudal age – but people were livid that a lousy actor was elected. And Bush 2 the Lesser – let’s not even talk about that proof that evolution can also go backwards. From Clinton’s trillion dollar surplus he dragged the US to a trillion dollar deficit – and then people   Republicans   some fucking idiots  you know who you are – were telling me to worry about Obama because he was going to increase spending and ruin the country?

So, today hot chocolate and nostalgia. If I were into alcohol, I’d probably love a stiff drink to forget, but I’m not into alcohol. I’m not into drugs, but I think it’s cool the pot laws passed. I’m into chocolate. Especially when it’s cold and rainy out.