Big news – my Alexander series is going to start coming out in…(drumroll) March! I’m excited – and I’m already thinking of what kind of publicity and promoting I can do. Free copies of Book I to the best ideas coming my way. Genre: Time travel, set in ancient Greece, with Alexander the Great – loads of fun actually – (how can woman from the future survive stuck in the past with no decent shampoo, cellphone or chocolate?) 

And in other news,  I sprained my back on Tuesday – reminded me of when I was expecting Julia and all of a sudden I got sciatica. Gentle exercises, walking, stretching… and loads of painkillers helped. I also have the good fortune to know an excellent osteopath, and that was the best. Thank you Jacques – you are amazing. On Wednesday night, when I thought I’d just rather dig a hole and bury myself, Jacques gave me an appointment and managed to realign my back so that the nerves weren’t screaming  in agony. It’s still not perfect – I think I may need to rest it a bit (insert canned laughter…) but it is much, much better.

I have been reading a lot and blog hopping, and my favorite is Zygoma – I try to check it out each week, it’s a lot of fun if you like science stuff. In my next life, I want to be a paleontologist – In this life, I’d still love to work with a paleontologist on drawing dinosaurs. I still think the theropods may have moved like crows, with hops and skips, although the largest ones were obviously too heavy to do more than lumber. Then again…

And finally, here is a picture I snapped in Portugal this summer – serendipity really – we were at the beach when a small squall blew through, followed by a rainbow and as I aimed my camera, a gull flew by!