Or rabbit with mustard sauce, if you prefer.

Hunting season, and rabbits are on the menu. I love rabbit, actually – it’s meat is lean and delicate. Farm raised rabbit is usually very tender, and wild rabbit can vary – an older rabbit might be better in a paté, but this recipe is good for young rabbits or farm-raised.

1 large farm-raised rabbit or 2 wild rabbits
French style Dijon mustard
Small, firm potatoes cut into 2 inch pieces
White wine
Thyme & Rosemary

Cut the rabbits into 5 pieces (2 haunches, 2 shoulders, 1 saddle) – In a baking dish, cut up about 2 TB butter and put the potatoes on the bottom. Coat the rabbit both sides with mustard – use at least a TB per piece. Lay the rabbit on the potatoes and pour a cup of white wine over. Scatter the herbs over the meat. Bake in a medium oven (140 C°) for forty minutes. Take the pan out of the oven. Now, take the rabbit and potatoes out and set aside. Put the rabbit back in, turning the pieces over so the browned side is in the sauce. Put the potatoes on top of the rabbit, add more butter. Put back in the over for a half an hour.

Note: If you are using wild rabbit, a good idea is to wrap the meat in bacon. That will keep it from getting dry, as rabbit is so lean that is the biggest challenge when cooking.

When the rabbit is done, put it on a serving dish surrounded by the potatoes. You can add cream to the baking dish and stir it up to make a creamy sauce, and you can add more white wine and some mustard to it as well.

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As the French say, bon appetite!