So I’m sitting at the hairdresser, a treat for me. I go maybe once a year – if that – to get my hair done. Usually I chop it myself (my hair is dead straight, so it’s just a matter of getting the two sides even), and I dye it myself. But today off I went to get a real haircut from a real hair dresser…and I pick up a magazine. This is another thing I never do – I never read “women’s magazines”. Never. I hate them. And this is an ex model speaking. But when I was a model, I hated them. I hated the art director, I hated the stylists. I hated the photographers. I liked the money I made. Anyhow, here I am at the hair dresser with a magazine on my lap and I was struck by the incredible disconnect between the advertisements and the articles in the magazine.  For example – all, and I mean ALL the advertisements featured waiflike girls with skinny arms and legs, no breasts – totally sexless, or rather, all the girls looked like a pedophile’s dream…it was downright creepy. Dior, Chanel, DNKY…all these chic ads with girls whose bodies were those of a 12 year olds. The worst were probably Chanel. And then there were the articles, and one was “All the girls want to look like Kim Kardashian”, and it went on to explain how girls are spending all their money on cosmetic surgery to get big breasts and curves. Is this completely schizo or what? The ads have these anorexic pre-teens, and the articles have girls who want to be voluptuous.

There is such a huge disconnect between the ads and the articles that I wonder if the companies realize the damage they are doing. Chanel! Hello! You are pathetic with your poor, underfed refugee of a model – she’s probably a celebrity, so you’d think she could afford some food.

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And Tom Ford – do you hate women?  I mean seriously? 









I would love to see more ads like the ones from Danskin, with a woman who is fit, healthy and gorgeous. Is this so much to ask for? Real women, not prepubescent girls. Some curves, some personality – not these empty-eyed, slack mouthed walking skeletons. At least I know why I never read Women’s magazines – because for the most part, they seem to be encouraging a sort of schizophrenia between real-life women and what multimillion dollar corporations think women want to look like.  Jenna Dewan Tatum flaunts her trim figure in Danskin campaign