Maybe it’s the heat – maybe it’s because I’m tired, but there is a glitch in the menu here on my WordPress blog and I just can’t figure out how to correct it. It may not even last. Like the program at the office for my dental assistant job – the program that switches itself from one thing to another without my asking. For example – it will print up both sides of a paper recto-verso, then, for some reason, it will suddenly decide it only wants to print one side. I have to go to settings and reset the printer. Then it will decide it only wants to bill for orthodontics, and it will switch from “bill both dental and ortho”, to just “ortho”. And that means it won’t read the codes I enter for dental work, which means nothing gets processed, and I have to remember how to go to the utility settings to find version 1.4 to ask the program to read CCAM as well as NGAP and I bet you are as confused as I am. Today, I had a drop-down menu up at the “Short Stories” section, and then it just sat there. It refused to drop. You now have to click on it and it opens in another page. If Twin B were here, I’d be begging him to try and fix it. But he is off at the seashore on holiday. I think I will go walk the dog.