So it’s about 94° out, the sun has baked the grass and bushes in our courtyard and the plants on my balcony need buckets of water. I walk the dog early in the morning – we were up at 6 am today to beat the heat. In the afternoon we go out and the sidewalk is so hot Auguste rushes back to the apartment without checking under all the parked cars to see if there are any empty water bottles he can grab and bring home (that is his thing). The balcony is littered with Auguste’s toys (empty water bottles). He looks at me with such reproach when I throw them away that I brave our neighbor’s scorn and leave them for a few days, until it starts looking like a junk heap. Then all the bottles get picked up and Auguste sulks until he finds some more.

Julia spent the morning on the telephone and on her computer alternately shouting, swearing, calling the university for her admissions. They (she? her computer?) somehow lost her account so she couldn’t log in and apply. It’s for her Masters 2 year, so she’s a bundle of nerves. She finally got things settled after nearly five hours and countless phone calls to the administration. At one point they (They) were in a meeting. How dare they? Julia was furious that they didn’t have a secretary answering the phone during the meeting. Instead, they switched the phone over to the fax. She called the technician then and complained to him. Well, the squeaky wheel won again, and Julia managed to finish her “inscription” in time to grab a train to Paris (in this heat?!) for a party. Tomorrow she has a job interview  – ahhh – youth.

Twin B and his lovely lady are off to the seaside for the weekend. They are headed to a chateau (ahem) in Brittany (La Baule) for three days of R&R before work and school starts up again. I jokingly asked if lovely lady would wear a burqini or a bikini? Bikini, of course – but it got us started on that stupid decree some of the French mayors are passing. Honestly – don’t they have things to do? Like, I don’t know – passing some real “curb your dog”, or “drive carefully”, or “don’t litter” laws? I would probably get arrested on a French beach – I have fair skin, I can’t tan, so I wear a long sleeve swim shirt, a swim skirt and hat. I’d rather dress up than get skin cancer. Honest. So are burqinis are all about religion? Can’t some be for skin cancer? Well, some at least. I can see where they would be unwelcome in indoor swimming pools – men can’t even wear bulky shorts – it’s all about hygiene. But on a beach? Outside? Come on people – I bet those same beaches have people smoking cigarettes on them – tobacco kills far more people than Islamic terrorists. And so far, not one single terrorist has been seen in a burqini. Fact.

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Me in my swim-shirt at the beach in Lesparre-Medoc