I read the Republican platform for 2016 – I thought I’d summarize – and please feel free to correct me if you’ve read it and I got something wrong – it would make me feel much better.

What made it more surreal was that the introduction actually sounded like the old Republican party, it was basically trashing Obama, but at least it was sane.It talked about fiscal responisbility and although they got the numbers wrong, (the deficit has not ballooned, it has shrunk) – I understood they had to lie to pave way for their party platform. Then it just disintegrated.

In carefully coached writing, it strips away every single social safety net that remains, is giving parks, roads, schools, jails, mental institutions, and hospitals to private investors, is completely dismantling Roe vs Wade & Obamacare, is taking away federally accredited university degrees and giving states total control over degrees* – is taking away all federally funded college loans and turning them over to the private sector, is introducing bible studies in public high schools, but because they are also lowing all corporate taxes, they are encouraging home-schooling (because they won’t have the money to pay teachers…) they are going to get rid of half of the public servants -some police corps will also be private, from what I understand. The GOP wants to push retirement back – people are retiring “too early” because “we live longer now”, so the retirement age will be later. It is trying to compensate loss of income from taxes right from the get go, and who will suffer? Anyone who went to a public library, attended public school, or drove on a public highway. There are going to be toll booths everywhere, train and plane prices will shoot up, and religion will take over schools and courthouses – all those who railed against Sharia law are about to get it in spades. Religion, despite all calls to separate church and State, will be present in everything. The new Supreme court will make an Ayatollah very happy. But don’t go saying all those funny foreign words – English is the only language to be spoken or learned – and schools will no longer offer Spanish, French, or whatever those other languages are. Immigrants will be rounded up and shipped out – anyone who is not American born with both parents American born will be considered an alien, and your papers better be in order. Any crimes committed by an immigrant will mean instant deportation. Gun laws will be relaxed so that anyone can buy a gun. Even more than now, which boggles the mind. Be prepared to see wages lower even more, as immigrants are forced to leave, and their jobs are suddenly available to Americans. I can’t wait to see the lines of people waiting to pick tomatoes on the farm. And all those maid and nanny openings that will suddenly need filling. Unless,of course, the wealthy manage to avoid the new immigration laws and can keep their maids? Well, that’s basically the new Republican platform – or should I say scaffold? And again, please correct me if I’ve misunderstood – this is really one of those times I hope someone proves me wrong.

*Basically, your Iowa State degree in underwater basket weaving will be worthless because New York State will not recognize it, having their version of basket weaving 101, and Florida won’t even have basket weaving, but will offer degrees in sugarcane cutting in order to replace the hundreds of dollar-an-hour jobs they used to use illegal immigrants to do.