After a rainy April, May and June, clouds and more rain ushered July in. So far, I can count the sunny days we’ve had on one hand – and today was particularly dreary. It’s one of those drizzle-rain days, everything is shiny wet, the air is misty, and even if you can’t see the raindrops, when you go outside you feel the water on your skin and hair. The sky is dark, the clouds muffle everything so that I feel wrapped in cotton. Wet cotton. So, what to do? Clean house, I suppose, so I took apart bookcases and dusted everything, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, thought about doing my closet, but that was a fleeting thought. Then I scrolled through Facebook and got seriously hungry looking at recipes, took a tour through the Guardian Newspaper and got depressed, decided no news was good news, and put music on. Stef came home from the polo club with more dreary news – the team is cancelled for Deauville, so that’s one job less for him this summer. We keep saying we’re going to replace our dining room table and chairs, and keep putting it off. Here’s to another year with our oversized table!

Not a very interesting post, I know, but it’s what’s happening now. Julia is in Sologne being a nanny for 2 weeks, Sebi & Céline are in NY, and Alex is at a friend’s house, so there is nothing to report, really. I haven’t been to see Kalin in his field because of work and rain, but I did manage to finish book III in the Horse Passage series and sent it to the publishers, so that’s done. Now to start book IV!

Well, here is the music I’m listening to right now – enjoy!