It’s been raining here for a long, long time so the rivers are flooding. The Seine is so high that many of the roads along the riverside are closed, and since many of those roads are busy roads – traffic elsewhere is dreadful now. Plus the French are having a train strike (normal – they love to strike). So a trip to my son’s house for dinner took 3 hours instead of 50 minutes, and though we took the highway back, it was still 1 and a half hours, so we’re kind of wiped out today. Poor Stef had to work, but Julia, Alex and I are basically zombies. We went down to the riverside to see the flooding. It’s pretty amazing, and a lot of people are down there, taking photos and strolling around. It’s very festive (usually Sundays are dead here in Mantes, believe me).

This is before:

and after:

The water must be about ten feet above normal, so it’s rather impressive. L’Ile aux oiseax is closed to the public (the island in the middle of the Seine river where there is a tennis club and yacht club). I told my daughter we had to go look, because huge floods like this are thankfully rare. Today the water level has started to go down, but there is more rain predicted for next week!