Jennifer Macaire

This is a silly post, I warn you ahead of time. Fact is, I do most of my shopping at the Thrift store in the US. (I didn’t get to go this year so I didn’t get to change my entire wardrobe and will have to continue wearing my last-year’s Thrift offering…luckily it includes a soft gray sweater that goes with anything.)

Last year I went several times to the Thrift and bought far more than one suitcase could hold. So, I went back to the Thrift and found another suitcase. Choices at the Thrift, as you know, are limited. There were two – one was a very small toilet bag and the other was a HUGE suitcase on wheels. It was the size of an oil barrel, square, and was made of a sort of ‘faux taspestry’ material in green, magenta, and black. Hideous is the word that comes…

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