Home with a sore throat today and trying to get motivated to walk to the pharmacy to get some medicine. In the meantime, drinking hot tea with honey and gargling with hot salt water. Does anyone else do that? When I was little, it was what my mom made us do when we had a sore throat. Since I nearly always had one, my childhood memories of sickness are full of the taste of salt and the sound of gargling. Meanwhile, my husband is home too (he had a dentist appointment) which means the TV is on (I never turn it on, he never turns it off…) and since he is one of those zappers (bouncing from one film to another, stopping at a documentary, pausing at a sport’s show) it is one of the most annoying things in the world to be stuck home sick with a serial TV zapper.
So far, I’ve seen a horror movie (I did not see the beginning or the end), part of a romance film (the part where the couple is bonking, as soon as they stopped he changed channels) two seconds of a series we already watched, commercials, and now a soccer game. I know – you’re wondering how is it possible he’s still alive? Well, I’m sick, so not feeling energetic enough to go get an ax and chop the TV in two, besides, I keep dropping off to sleep (my sore throat medicine making me nice and sleepy) and besides, I can just get up and go in my room when I get fed up enough (that will happen in about 2 minutes…) OK, that does it – he just zapped ten shows in 2 minutes. It is officially TV burnout. I am out of here.

But before that, my rose bushes are in bloom and are absolutely lovely. Here is a picture of my reading chair with the rose bushes right outside my window. WIN_20160517_150720