Pirates – and not the ho ho ho and a bottle of rum kind. I keep finding my ebooks on websites for free downloads – sometimes you have to sign up to to that great garbage pisspot in the cloud, Tzar media, in order to download the books. If you don’t know about them count yourself lucky.  I have heard that you sign up with your credit card number and nothing short of changing your bank account ever gets you out of the contract. You sign up and get a sort of platform for yourself, where you can upload ebooks and such onto your part of the site and that way Tzar can say that they have nothing to do with the  ebook. I send emails, I threaten, I cajole – nothing happens. My book gets taken down one day, put back up the next. It’s disheartening, especially when I see one of my new books up there – I think, there go my royalties, which are peanuts anyway, but this just drives home the futility of writing. 

I have never downloaded a free ebook from a pirate site. I get free books from authors when they promote their books on official sites & I try to send a nice review afterwards. I buy books from authors I love  (I love to read – no hardship there) and I expect most people are like me – honest, a bit naive – OK, a lot naive. I actually think most people are honest.

It gets me in trouble at work sometimes, when someone has to pay and has forgotten their checkbook. I’ll actually let them walk out the door with their kid in tow, telling them they can drop the check off later, or even mail it to me. Do you know how many people actually do this? 99.9%. That’s right. I’ve rarely, in my 6 years working at the office, had someone never pay and never show up again. In 6 years; maybe 4 people have left without paying. Usually at the end of the treatment, no more braces or apparatus, and they skip the last payment. Maybe it wasn’t even on purpose. I send out polite mails. Most reply, only 4 did not. So, I really truly do think that most people are honest, and therefor the ones out there pirating my books are the .1%, the scum lying on the bottom of humanity, who are stealing ebooks.

And if you want to support an author, here is a link to an official site to buy Lost Storm Rider! If I get enough sales, I may even get motivated to finish book III!