I want to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bicycle…OK, now that you have that annoying wonderful song stuck in your head –

The weather took a turn for the better after a perfectly dreadful spring that had us wrapped in scarves and coats, shivering in sleet and rain. But the sun did appear, and to celebrate I rode to work on my bike.

Oh, that it was so simple. First I had to get the bike – which is stored in the common bike/stroller parking room whatever you call it (must be a name for it, but I’ll look it up later). Everyone has their bike there, it’s packed with bikes along each wall, four or five bikes deep, and it’s often awkward to get the bike out of the pile. But there is one bike with flat tires (a kid’s bike to boot) that weighs a ton, and it is always leaning on (you guessed it) my bike. So today, after heaving it up and parking alongside someone else’s bike, I got the blindingly brilliant idea of sorting out the bikes – so here I am, moving bikes around like one of those sliding square puzzles, to get the kid’s bike up against the wall, so the other bikes (mine, cough cough) are more accessible.

After whacking myself on the shin, and getting a huge green and blue bruise, I dragged my bike out and then got on it, started to pedal, the chain slipped, and the pedal hit my heel (ouch -a  cut on my heel too now). And I try to get the chain back on, and my hands turn black with bike grease…

OK, upstairs I go, with my bike to the apartment, and Stef is making fun of: my helmet (I look a bit like that mushroom character on Mario bros – I wrote “Princess Noodle” on the back with gold ink.) my neon yellow jacket (I was almost hit by a bus – I need to be seen!) and my pink blinky light, and my “keep away from me!” reflective lollipop that sticks out so cars don’t get too close. (stop laughing).

Stef puts my chain back on, shows me out the door. I go to work, then to the library, to the train station (I’m having fun riding around) until some nitwit opens their door without looking and I swerve up the curb and nearly tumble (OK, I’m a Leo; we Leos have to be Dignified). I head home, and what happens? My reflective lollipop gets stuck in my spokes. How on earth did that happen? I didn’t think it was possible. And it was really stuck.

We Leos also have a sense of what is totally ridiculous. I am afraid I started laughing as I tried to untangle the damn plastic flag from my spokes. I couldn’t stop laughing – I mean, tears are pouring down my face I’m laughing so hard. So now, it’s official. The neighbors think I’m mental. But seriously, I had a wonderful day riding my bike today.