I woke up with the sound of wind lashing the shutters and great booms of thundery gusts filling the sky and Auguste huddled close to the radiator – the cold wind seems to leech all the heat from the rooms. Even the lights don’t brighten the apartment – it’s too dark outside. Clouds scud across the sky. It’s a typical winter’s rainy day – but it’s in April!.
We had a blustery day with snow, sleet and rain. The wind came in gusts, and we went to the stables to ride Kalin anyhow. (Well, Julia rode Kalin, I trotted around with Auguste and tried to keep warm!) Yesterday Kalin changed pastures and now he’s in the field just behind the exercise ring with four other horses. While Julia rode, the other horses followed along, kicking up their heels and acting up. After we finished, we put Kalin back in the field, and all five horses galloped around as the storm whipped the tree branches about. Kalin is obviously happy, and there is so much grass he’ll soon be fat as a barrel!

Alex is in the clinic, and hopefully will be home tomorrow. He had an infection that needed clearing up – when he was in the US he couldn’t afford healthcare so it got worse. Now he’s back in France he got his social security card, and he gets free healthcare treatment. I get so angry when I think of the US healthcare system. He needs dental work too, and that is much cheaper here, but when you wait to do things and put things off, they only get worse. Speaking of teeth, dentists and waiting too long – Stef has to get his wisdom teeth out (at his age!) so he’ll go into the hospital next Tuesday, in the morning, out the afternoon. I’ll stock up on ice-cream – that will make him feel much better!

On another note altogether – my daughter is a Civil War fanatic.  She has watched the film “Gettysburg” at least five times. She just watched “Cold Mountain”, and liked it up until the hero starts walking home and there was no more war story. She just turned it off and went to walk the dog. Now I ask you – who can be hooked on a film for the first half, and not give a damn about the ending? I read the book so I know what happens, but she didn’t even ask me, lol. She’s bugging me to finish my book, so I’m trying (as you can see, not very hard!) And now for the good news of the day – my cousin Laurence brought me Pop-Tarts from the States – yes, my deep dark secret – I love Pop Tarts!