Here are the photos I was looking for!

This was the Medieval Fair in Houdan, a village nearby. It used to be held in the village itself, but because of traffic problems and space, it is now held in the large field behind the village. This enabled troops of performers to hold jousting tournaments and mock fights! (it was the English against the French here – the crowd really got into it, lol.) The battle was quite loud (orders from the captain – “When we yell ‘Fire!’ plug yer ears and open yer mouths the lot of you!” – after the first volley of ear-splitting explosions, we followed orders!) After the battle, the captain yelled “The Dead May Rise!” and they did. That, we thought, would be a splendid ending to any battle.

 There were illuminators, troubadours, cooking stands, weapon makers, tanners, compass makers, archery stands…well, you name it. It was quite a lot of fun.
Everyone gets into the theme, young and old alike.

The costumes are what makes it so fun. (Check out the group right behind my son.)