Munstead Wood

I have a confession to make. I get obsessed about things. Right now I’m obsessed with roses, for some reason,(and the Panama Papers, which have nothing to do with each other, but I don’t try to explain my obsessions). I pour over catalogues for roses, look them up in the internet. I compare Albas, Moschata & tea roses, English roses with wild roses, floribundas and hybrid rugosas – they are all fascinating – but I don’t have a garden. I have a balcony, and even if I’ve managed to keep two rose bushes alive and well on it, I can’t have a rose garden. But that’s what I’m obsessing about lately. 

I don’t think obsessions need a rhyme or reason. One of these days, I’ll switch to something else – last year it was dachshunds – I had to find out everything about them. Luckily I have one, or I’d probably have run out and bought one or two, to better study them. Sort of like the roses – I have two on the balcony, so I’ keeping an eye on them. One already has buds, and I’m worried it’s blooming too early. It’s Munstead Wood, a lovely antique rose (see photo above), a rich, ruby red with a strong, fruity scent.


My yellow climber

I love yellow climbing roses, and I’m trying to think of a way to get a yellow climber on my balcony. I already have a climbing honeysuckle, so maybe I can combine the two?

My other rose is a pink English rose – it is not quite a bush, not quite a climber – it’s called Rosemoor, and it blooms happily all summer long, shedding pink petals everywhere.



Anyhow, I think everyone gets obsessed with things now and then. My husband got obsessed with hunting when he was a youngster, and it hasn’t left him. He thinks about hunting all the time, and if he had the money, he’d be off on safaris probably, shooting some poor beast. Luckily for our marriage, we’re not rich, and he can’t go off and slaughter some water buffalo or something, (which would really annoy me). Whereas, if I had the money, we’d have a rose garden overrun with dachshunds and horses, (I’ve been obsessed with horses since I was about 5!) and he’d be annoyed, lol. He’s also obsessed with golf and soccer, and you can guess what we’re watching tonight, right? The Masters *hint hint*.

Other obsessions I’ve had (in no particular order): astrology, gemstones, dinosaures, Alexander the Great, Art Nouveau, astronomy, guitar music…and now roses.