Spring covered us like a blanket with soft, warm air and bright sunshine. Clouds frolicked in the sky, lambs gambolled in the fields. Auguste, Kalin, Julia and I went for our first walk of the year in his new (old) surroundings. We went past the stream and Kalin had to jump over it, then we went to see the pony and draft horse in the pasture, then up the hill at a gallop, and eat some grass. Over the fields, down a hill slipping and sliding, (and Kalin loves that, he has such amazing balance). Then back to the stables for a bucket of mash and a thorough grooming. Not much to write about really, but a lovely, lazy Sunday. Now we’re back at home, Julia and Alex are studying for exams, there is a soccer game on TV, and I’m going to try to get a chapter done!