Easter is such an ancient holiday – and it’s become a sweet, chocolate, fluffy sort of day. I rather like the resurrection of Christ part of the fête, it goes so well with the coming of spring and the rebirth of the growing season. A farmer’s holiday – holiday – word that is made from holy day. So, last night the children were all gathered around the table for an Easter dinner. It was lovely to see Sebi’s girlfriend, and there was Tony, of course. And we had venison fondue, salad, chips, cheese, and ice cream for dessert. Oh, and chocolate of course. Each person had a chocolate chicken, bunny or egg at his place-setting. Tony was thrilled – according to him, his parents won’t get him anything for Easter. “No chocolate eggs”, he said mournfully. Then he brightened. “But you gave me one. Thank you!” (He’s 30, so you may be forgiven for forgiving his parents not buying him an Easter egg…)  We played the zombie game after dinner. Alex won. I was exiled early in the game – as a traitor I was trying to get everyone to die so I could win. Alex cottoned on right away; and I and my betrayal cards were sent packing.

I watched a terrible film last night called “Everything ii a Rich Man’s Trick“, a horrifying and depressing documentary. (Just what you want to watch, right?) It started with WWI and ended in the present and it paints a very dark picture of the people who make wars, and why they are fought. It comforts my opinion that the ordinary person is a nice person, that people are basically nice – but that our leaders and the corrupt plutarchy that controls them – are beyond the pale, as they say. No, even worse – they are literally the devil in disguise. On this holy day, I wish that everyone in the world would just sit down and watch, even for just ten minutes. It’ a long film – three and half hours – and worth every minute. The first hour details the rise of the Nazi party via the support of western industrialists terrified of the possible spread of the workers’ revolution in Russia; the second hour analyzes the coup d’etat by the shadow government that planned and executed the assassination of JFK and effectively ended democracy in the United States; the third hour takes us into recent history and the creation of Arab terrorists as the new “bogeymen” necessary to keep the masses in a state of fear and maintain the supremacy of the elites through war profiteering.

If everyone in the world sat down and watched this movie, and then we had a long discussion about it, about what could be fact, and what could be fiction and why it’s important to talk about it, I have a feeling the world would become a better place because we would realize that there is enough money and food to go around for everyone on this planet to live well and have a Happy Easter, but that we are being kept serfs to the feudal system run by a small group of incredible powerful families. However the group, though powerful,  is small and it wouldn’t take much to round them all up and send them to prison where they belong.

Happy Easter! A new start for the world – a resurrection.