Spring must be around the corner – I’m back on my bike. Of course, I still have my blinky red light in the rear, my headlight, my helmet, and my neon-yellow jacket. Oh, and my reflector stick on the rear wheel that keeps cars away. No idea what that thing is called, but I found in on Amazon and used my xmas money (gift certificate from Sebi) to get it. Stephane says I looked like a Christmas tree. He does not believe anyone will hit me, but if they do it will because I’ve dazzled them. Ha! You can never be too careful. Especially here in Mantes – the drivers are lunatics. You should see them running the red lights. I stop on orange and get Beeped. The other day I saw someone run a red light, and then try to turn left at the intersection. Somehow an accident was avoided – I was thinking stupid kids (right?) It was a little old lady!

Also, we have a new favorite game. It’s called Dead of Winter, and we try to play it once a week. It’s got zombies, and you’re a survivor, and you have to both keep the group alive, and keep yourself alive. You have a secret mission, which may or may not be good for the group (you can be a traitor) and you have to kill zombies  (did I mention that?)

You can tell we’re not the most serious people in the world. So far, Julia and Tony won once (by being traitors) Stef won once (traitor also!) Alex won twice and I won once (and once I was a traitor and was exiled because I can’t hide anything and everyone guessed I was trying to get them all killed, lolol).

I have really really good book news, but since I’m afraid to jinx it, I won’t say anything until it’s all signed sealed and delivered. But I’m very excited (bouncing off walls – no more coffee or chocolate for me for a while, lol). I also saw my upcoming cover for the sequel to Riders of the Lightning Storm and it is amazing. Jay Aheer, the cover artist, is fantastically talented. So it’s been a really nice week – spring is on it’s way, I took the bike out of the bike garage, and life is good!