Streaking my hair today. The news is earth-shattering, I know, but years from now I’ll look back at my blog and think, “yes, that’s why I had to cut off all my hair, and everything went downhill from that point.” Of course, I am sitting here with the dye in my hair so I have no idea what it will look like. Maybe I’ll rinse it out after letting it sit for the correct time (“Do not, under any circumstances, leave it on longer than 45 minutes!”) and everything will be fine. We shall see. In the meantime, it’s Sunday, the house is more or less clean, the leftover stew is on the stove with added pumpkin, green beans and mushrooms that I dug out of my freezer, so dinner will be re-constructed wild boar stew this time with pumpkin and green beans.

(I keep peeking at my watch because I am a pathetic follower of instructions, and I will not pass the 45 minute mark by a second…)

Yesterday, people hung flags or red white and blue whatever’s off their balconies and windows. Not here in Mantes. We seem to be an indifferent bunch. No one hung flags out the window, and the traffic & conference kerfuffle in Paris seems very far away. We know there was a terrorist attack, we know that there were ceremonies, and speeches – and the Onion Fair was cancelled last weekend, much to our dismay. (We love the Onion Fair, food stands galore, roasted chestnuts, and free bowls of steaming onion soup and free glasses of freshly pressed apple juice.) We hoped it would be put off ’till later, so maybe during the Christmas village there will be an onion soup stand… after all, I wonder, what did the town hall do with all the onions it ordered??

Just went and rinsed, dried, examined, and have put more streaks in. One part of my hair is a sort of apricot goldish, the other part – not. There are few discernable streaks. I decided to streak over the streaks, using smaller bits of hair, in the hopes of getting something that looks vaguely like the photo on the cover. It’s photo-shopped, I know. I used to be a model. I should know better. With any luck, I’ll be able to say it’s the “ombre” style, and instead of feeling sorry for me, people will be like, “Wow.”

And while I’m waiting for time to pass, I’m looking at my photos from Portugal. Here is one of my favorites – a light rain shower had just swept by, the sky was a pale shade of gray, and the sea was viridian green, washing up on the ochre beach. A brother and sister were playing nearby, and I caught them in a moment of affectionate fun, he was trying to skip stones and was getting very frustrated. After a moment she put her arms around him and showed him how it was done.