My husband went hunting not long ago, and came home with a shoulder and haunch from a small wild boar. The haunch I froze for Christmas day, but I kept the the shoulder out to make a stew. I didn’t marinate it, as it was from a very young boar. I simply put olive oil, thyme and rosemary on it and put it in a hot (400° F, 220° C) oven to brown. When it was browned, but still uncooked in the middle, I put it in my slow cooker with 2 cups red wine (bordeaux, nothing too fancy!) some dried cranberries leftover from Thanksgiving (this is completely optional, I just had a handful leftover!), 3 bouillon cubes, 8 potatoes cut in half, and then I added water to nearly cover it all. I set my slow-cooker for 5 hours and took a nap (I got home from work at 3 pm; so all this is after I got home from work). At 7:30 I took two cups broth from the cooker and added 3 tablespoons of corn flour, and when that didn’t thicken enough, 2 more tablespoons of regular flour (I’m not the most patient person in the world – the cornflour would have worked eventually). Stirred everything. Left it another half an hour, and at 8 pm took the shoulder out of the cooker to de-bone it (the meat was so tender it just fell off the bone) put it all back (minus the bone – d’oh) and had it with fresh buttered baguette. Tomorrow, I’m adding a can of mushrooms to the leftover stew and having it for lunch – it was tremendous. See original image


1) 1  wild boar shoulder (if it’s an older animal, don’t hesitate to marinate it in red wine with an orange peel and olive oil for overnight – use the marinade in the recipe – the orange peel gives a nice taste to the boar meat).

2) Red wine, water, bouillon cubes, rosemary and thyme (I have some in pots on my balcony, so it’s always nice and fresh – but dried is fine – just use a teaspoon each.

3) 5 – 8 washed and halved potatoes with the skin on (you can add carrots if you have some, pearl onions, canned or fresh mushrooms are good too).

4) Pour a bit of olive oil and scatter herbs over the meat, bake the shoulder in a hot oven until browned on both sides but not at all cooked through.

5) Put wine, bouillon cubes, shoulder, & potatoes in the crock pot, add water to nearly cover, then cook for  4 and a half hours. Add flour or cornflour to thicken the sauce, and cook for half an hour more. Take the meat off the bone and put back in the pot; Serve with fresh bread and green salad.

Note: If you don’t have wild boar,  pork shoulder will do, though, it isn’t the same meat at all. You could eventually use veal shanks, beef ribs, or lamb shoulder – inexpensive cuts of meat are best, with the bone in if possible.