Today was a chilly, blustery day and we headed out to a horse show. Julia was the only rider from her club, so she went with Kalin and her coach, Marion, and I followed with Auguste and lunch. The show was running late, so I mostly ambled around walking Auguste, watching some of the ponies, and keeping an eye on the multitude of dogs running around without leashes. Auguste is a small dachshund, and although he is tough enough to hunt wild boars, he is a dismal fighter and I’m always worried he’ll get attacked by a big, mean dog – which is exactly what happened today at the show. 

Julia jumped in her class and came in first – Kalin is amazing – he jumps like a deer. But Marion had to get back to the stables to do her evening chores, so she and Julia loaded up Kalin and took him back to the stables while I stayed on for the prize ceremony, to pick up Julia’s prize. I did ask if I could have it before the end of the show, because things were running so late – but was basically brushed off and told to go wait for the end, so I did. When Julia’s name was called, I went towards the prize ring to fetch her ribbon when a big dog jumped on Auguste and tried to bite him.

I yanked Auguste back and smacked the big dog with the end of the leash. He dashed in again, and I smacked him again. The dog’s owner turned out to be the club owner’s son. He yelled at me for hitting his dog. I yelled right back, telling him his dog had attacked mine. He looked at me and said, “Are you crazy?” Well, that did it. I lost my temper. I told him what I thought of people who let their dogs attack other people’s dogs, and what I thought of dogs not held properly on leashes, and what I thought of people who dared tell me to stop defending my dog – anyhow, when I finished yelling there was dead silence. The people in the ring, around the ring and the judges all stood there gaping. I noticed the club owner, and I saw my daughter’s prize bag and pointed to it. “That is for my daughter,” I said. “She won that. I waited for the prize ceremony, like you asked. Now it’s the ceremony, and I’m here, and there’s the bag. Give it to me.” He did. Still kind of stunned. I left.  When I told Marion and Julia they both thought it was hysterical. Marion said she couldn’t believe a dog had attacked Auguste (who is so sweet and just minding his business.) Marion said she won’t be going back to that pony club anymore, and I’m glad. I’d hate to have to walk around with a big whip next time to keep that dog away from Auguste!