ProduitsThere is a chocolate factory in a nearby village that is open 2 days a month to the general public. Outside, it looks just like you’d imagine a factory to look like, all in cement with a large parking lot, & docking area for the trucks. Around the back is a small door with a sign that says “ring the bell and enter”. The door is steel and groans when you open it. You step inside – and it’s sort of like Santa’s workshop – with long wooden shelves lined with brightly colored chocolate dragées, jars of jellies, stacks of chocolate bars, cellophane wrapped chocolates, and it all smells like hot chocolate. There are boxes of chocolate, bricks of unsweetened chocolate, a multicolored rainbow of candy-coated chocolate stuffed with nuts and fruit. And since it’s all made there, at the factory, the prices are factory prices so I feel like I made out like a bandit.

FriandisesI bought a bag of white chocolate studded with raisins and hazelnuts, dark, bitter chocolate with candied orange slices, and medallions of milk chocolate with sugared nuts, and a small jar of mirabelle plum jelly flavored with plum cordial. It’s sort of like being in heaven.

It’s Saturday, so I worked this morning. But at 3 pm we get off, and Anne Marie, Julia, Margarite and I went to the chocolate factory and then had tea at Margarite’s house. We ate far too much chocolate, so I’m sitting here thinking about not making dinner. It’s kind of lovely to think that dinner will be nothing but another cup of tea, and maybe a medallion of chocolate or two.