The world cup is in full swing – there are matches nearly every day. I confess – I prefer rugby to soccer. Most times the whole match goes by without a player getting a red card for doing something awful. They don’t roll about on the ground when they get kicked in the shins. They don’t (well, mostly) don’t rush over to the referee screaming and frothing at the mouth. And they have the cutest butts. OK, that’s not supposed to be a criteria – but it’s true. Rugby players have great bodies. (You definitely want to read more. I promise, ladies, if you like eye-candy, click on read more.)

See original imageI got one of the first rugby men calenders over here in France. It was in 2002. It was very cool – and every year after that, my husband offered me one for Christmas. I LOVED my rugby man calendar.

True story: I was in a shop with my mother and I bought her a copy of the calendar. As we were in line to pay, a very tall, very broad-shouldered gorgeous man dressed in black leather pants and jacket came over and said, “I’m in there. I’m Mr April. If you want, I’ll sign it for you.” I looked at him, and said, “Oh, good joke.” Plus I didn’t want to open the calendar – it was all wrapped up nicely for a gift. He shook his head. “Honest. It’s me.” I smiled and thanked him, but said it was quite all right. My mother, standing next to me whispered, “and what if it really is Mr April?” I snorted. “What is a rugby man doing here in this tiny little town way out here in the countryside? I mean, if it were Paris I might sort of believe him, but come on. He was just flirting with us.” We got home, opened the Dieux stade 2007calendar – and there he was. Mr April. The guy in the store. Tall, long hair to his shoulders. Well, I missed my chance there to have an autographed copy!  A couple years went by, and no calendar appeared under the tree – (I was a teensy bit very disappointed, but hey, we have to grow up sometime, right?) This year, however, I was happy thrilled to see my traditional rugbyman calendar under the Christmas tree. (even wrapped up, you can tell what it is.) I unwrapped it and looked. Instead of “Les Dieux du Stade”, it was “Les Vieux du Stade”. (Not the Gods of the stadium – it was the Oldies of the Stadium.) Yes, a whole calendar of old men and women dressed in sport’s clothing and posing like athletes. That was one of my biggest disappointments!

I was just thinking (this happens sometimes) How is this different from a guy liking a Playboy pinup calendar? I know some women get all huffy and “it’s demeaning for a woman to pose nude yada yada, etc.” – is it demeaning for a guy to pose nude? Is there a double standard here? Just FYI  –  I never had anything against ladies posing nude. I did it myself a few times, and never felt demeaned. But I was just wondering. And also dropping loads of hints already to hubby in case he doesn’t know what to get me for Christmas. Hint, it’s got rugby players in it

Dieux du Stade 2006