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Auguste, Jean-Pierre and I. Armed with knives, baskets and boots – we went to the huge Rambouillet National park to hunt for the elusive porcini mushroom!

The day was perfect – sunny and warm, and the heather was still in bloom. I had driven through this park many times, but it was the first time I’d stopped and hiked through it. The paths are large and sandy – everything is well kept up by the park service.

We didn’t see any wild boar or deer, but there were traces of them everywhere. Auguste was vexed that I didn’t let him off his leash once – but I didn’t want to lose him in the vast forest!

We found porcini mushrooms in the pine forest, and some more hiding in the heather. There are three different kinds there – all are edible and delicious!

We took them home and I cleaned them and cut them up, and Julia diced garlic. We cooked them in olive oil, and when they cool I’ll put them in freezer bags and save them for winter recipes.  I love them best just cooked in olive oil and served with crusty French bread and a green salad, but they are wonderful in a risotto and also terrific with scrambled eggs!