Growing up on an island paradise isn’t as easy as one might think. Sugar is infatuated with the boy next door, worried she won’t make the cheerleading squad, and even more worried that she will. She is paranoid that because of the horrendous scar on her face, no one really expects her to succeed at anything. Her sister is smart, her mother is a legendary model, and her father is a famous artist. Her family’s success sets a high bar for her to live up to.

Everything changes for Sugar when a plastic surgeon removes her scar. The surgery makes her beautiful, but she makes the shocking discovery that being beautiful can be awful. When she finally discovers who she is, and what she wants from life, it nearly destroys her tightly knit family. She must confront abuse, an elopement, loss, and a secret her father has kept from her all her life. Sugar is struggling to pull everything together and find her own version of ‘Happily Ever After’.


“…Welcome to Paradise is a brilliant example of how a young adult book should be written…at least to this very picky reviewer. It doesn’t stray from reality, it doesn’t shy away from sex and some language either, and I appreciate that because, lets face it, young adults out there do those things, therefore making this book something more realistic. I’d probably say Welcome to Paradise is more so a book for ages sixteen and up…but every parent is different, so take my advice as literally as you’d like. Overall, I highly recommend readers of every age take a chance on this book. It’s heartbreaking, it’s beautiful, it’s a story that will stick with you for days. Not a lot of books make feel this way either. 🙂 Well done Ms. Macaire, you’ve earned a fan in me.”

~ Sizzling Hot YA Bookswelcome-paradise