It’s not even officially autumn and already the wind is cold. It has been raining this past week. At first it was warm and rainy. Then, Saturday night, after a very warm, wet day, the cold front moved in. The first sign of it was a thick fog. When I took Auguste out for his nightly walk, at midnight, the fog was so thick the streetlights made everything pale gray – it didn’t look like nighttime. All around was spooky fog. I could practically wave my arm and make ripples in it. Then yesterday, Sunday, the cold cleared the fog away and brought storms and pounding rain. Today, Monday, a chill wind is sending the clouds scudding across the sky but the sun peeps out now and then. Stef and Alex have colds, and I feel one coming on. I’m trying to drown my sore throat with hot tea spiked with lemon and honey – let’s hope it works! Sunday was the Montchauvet village sale – with stands set up all around the village. But the rain chased most of the people away, so when we showed up, there was hardly a soul in the village. It’s always strange to see our old house still standing empty on the village square. At least the owners keep the garden up now – when we moved in it was a proper jungle, with nettles standing six feet high and brambles growing rampant. We used the “slash and burn” method to clear it all out, and when we left there was a proper garden in the back so I was glad to see they didn’t let it all go to waste. Julia and I got some cheese, saucisson, duck rillettes, carrots and grapes. Sounds like an odd mix, but there weren’t there many vendors there. Pounding rain all morning long had made many vendors pack up an leave. The carrots and grapes came from the garden of one of the villagers, the saucisson and rillettes were from stands with farm products, and the cheese was from a goat farm. Here is an old post from my friend Andrea about the Village Brocante in 2007, when we had a stand together! And here is a link to the 2009 sale.

Ater, Julia and I went for a walk with Kalin, at the pony club. The rain held back, but the clouds piled up on the horizon – a huge, black mountain in the sky. It rained again last night, and as I write this, more rain is falling. I don’t think my cold will get better anytime soon!

The other day Julia and I were biking along the river, and came across the ducks and swans. They are always in the same place – people must come feed them all the time, so they hang out here and wait. Looking at this photo makes me miss summer. I hope the weather gets warmer soon. Winter came far too quickly this year!WP_004593