Got home at about 8:30 tonight – Alex was upset – told me he needed a lab coat but he hadn’t had time to get one. So off we went to Auchamp, France’s answer to Walmart, I guess, – open until 10 pm and stuffed with everything from apples to zippers, toast to toasters, people food, pet food, plant food and – wonder of wonders – white, long sleeved lab coats. We got one, and then hit the Chinese take out because it was way too late for me to make dinner, and everyone was hungry. (Now I am too full, but I don’t regret the spicy calamari or candied ginger…the noodles were maybe a tad too much!

I sent off a query for my screenplays – yet again. How I hate, hate hate querying. How I wish wish wish I had Josh Whedon’s phone number. (Anyone have it? Or better yet, tell him to email me…) And as long as we’re wishing, I wish I could step through this door back to summer,  because a cold front has moved in and everything suddenly feels like autumn.


And just for fun – Nightwish – – one of the best bands I wish would not sing in English – why can’t they sing in their own language – none of their songs makes any sense, but the music is great, and some of the clips are simply fantastic (The Islander, for ex.)