We just got back from the Médoc – took the ferry boat over, stayed at the polo club. The weather was fantastic, and at the beach, the waves were large and rolling. We hit the beach as much as possible (me covered in sunscreen, wearing a surf shirt for swimming, sitting under a teepee made of body-surf boards!) I had forgotten what it was like to body surf, or to surf with a body board, and to get tossed about by a strong wave, to feel my feet tugged out from under me, to have a frothy wave smack me in the back, (in the face!) push me, and then swoosh a hundred miles and hour rushing over the bouncy, bubbly wave as it carried me and deposited me and my board as light as thistle on the beach. The waves were big white round cat paws – and there were people of all ages in the surf  – from toddlers to grandfathers – and everyone with smiles as wide as the ocean.

Le pin sec beach in the Medoc

Le pin sec beach in the Medoc

The polo clinic was nice – hot though, and to cool off, the horses and players took outdoor showers. The horses loved it – (so did the players!) and of course, put a hose in someone’s hand and you get a water fight…


We went to a wedding, on the beach. A hike over dunes and through the scrub forest to a wedding ceremony held between sea and sand. Musical, magical – wonderful – congratulations to Claire and Fabrice – may your married life be as fun (and hot!) as your wedding! WP_004659

WP_004688We came home by way of Saint Sauvan, staying in a medieval village in a lovely hotel next to a Romanesque church.

And when we got home, I discovered I had lost my key. I called the post office, the school, the concierge – and no key. Is is a sign? A sign to change the locks, at any rate. But it did make me clean the hall closet – so there’s my silver lining.

So, here’s to silver linings, and polo, and weddings, and waves – and grandfathers surfing, and to laughing and swallowing salt water…Here’s to weddings – to family and friends gathered to sing and celebrate love under the sun, under umbrellas, under the trees and the stars…Here’s to cozy hotels with homemade jam, herbal gardens, and cats in trees….Here’s to the end of summer. I put my flip flops away. Now there’s a sign. WP_004686