Hmm. What is that smell? Could be some of my banana cake – I just baked another one, and it smells divine. But it’s not only that. It just barely manages to cover up Auguste’s farts. Yes, the dachshund has gas – and he usually lies down at our feet, with his butt pointing at us. A dangerous weapon.  Woke up to a soggy landscape. The storm had passed during the wee hours, but the rain drizzled on all morning. I went out for a stroll in the afternoon with Auguste, and he found a water bottle, so of course he had to carry it home. It was a big bottle, and kept popping out of his mouth and flying away, so he’d shoot after it, scrabbling hysterically to grab it again.

He just looked at me and raised his eyebrows as if to say “I was not hysterical”. (But he was, he really was!) Stef is dozing and watching the golf channel. It really is a lazy Sunday. To pass the time I took all the aerator’s off the faucets and soaked them in white vinegar to get the scale off.  (I just learned the word aerator, I actually had no idea what that thing was that screwed into the faucet.) Wonderful things, blogs – they make you look things up so you can appear knowledgeable! All hail the blog. And all hail spellcheck – without which I’d appear illiterate. (Kowtows to spellcheck). Hmm. Would that be considered worshiping a false idol, I wonder?  At any rate,  it is a rainy day, so I shall post some pictures of my little corner of paradise in Portugal.

WIN_20150812_212251 WIN_20150812_211757 WIN_20150814_201602