So it’s our last night here in Portugal. As the sun starts to set, and the cicadas start to buzz, I hang up my bathing suit to dry and think what a great vacation it’s been.  I can count the number of vacations my husband and I have had together on one hand. Usually, I’m tagging along while he works. Usually in some fantastic polo-spot. As he so rightly put it, our whole life has been a vacation. But it’s the first time we’ve visited Portugal. And it’s one of the rare times he hasn’t been working, so things were a bit different. We walked through the National park that is along the ria formosa.

We visited Faro, lunching at the marina on fresh fish and squid, then strolling through the old part of the city. Most of the time, I was sitting under my parasol by the pool reading, which, as anyone knows me knows, is my perfect vacation. Stef of course played golf. We did play one course together, at Quinta da Lago, and it was gorgeous. 

Then we went to the shellfish Festival do Marisco – Olhão and had the most amazing shellfish stew – here is the recipe – – it was Soooo good. The festival was amazing – over 10,000 people came to feast and listed to live music. Here is an English video about it:, but in the Portuguese version, from this year – (Stef is visible in the crowd in front of the singers during the interview with the festival president – he’s wayyy in the background, but I can recognize his white hair, and he had his sweater over his shoulders, lol). The group we saw was called “A Moda Mãe”, they sang Portuguese folk songs, and then there was a couple of Fado singers. All in all, we had a great time in Portugal!