We left Mantes on Wednesday morning. Alex had just flown in from the states, it was nice seeing our “Ander-Pander” after 6 long months. But we were out the door the next morning, on the way to Bordeaux to visit with our friends before hitting the road again for Spain then Portugal.  Bordeaux has changed so much since I lived there last – well, in 25 years I suppose it had to change – but it is magnificent now. The riverside has been developed into a promenade, a new tramway slides through the streets, the city has cleaned up, brushed up, is chic, fun, trendy – a million light-years from what I remembered. We had lunch in the new market square, and then, in the cathedral caught a concert by a wonderful group called “Les Pastoreaux” petits chanteurs de Waterloo, Belgium. On Friday morning we left at the crack of dawn and drove through the Basque region French and Spanish, then across the country to the city og Cacèras, a wonderul UNESCO heritage site. It was amazing. We walked through the historical district, had dinner at a streetside café, and stayed in a very lovely hotel – a Must Do next trip to Andalusia.  Today we drove to Portugal – near Faro. We have rented a small house near Faro in a lovely area near some amazing golf courses. Tomorrow we go to the “fish festival” – what this is, I have no idea! Will write more later!