Daughter is on an exercise kick – jogging, biking, and working out to the same Gilad DVD I’ve had for 15 years now. The biking is fun – I now bike to work, bike to shop, and bike for fun. I do hate biking for exercise. The idea that one must somehow bike to suffer just doesn’t cut it with me – bikes are fun, or bikes stay locked in the garage. Take note hubby, who, deciding he was going to win the bike race, nearly ended up in the river. The river bike way has no rails…I’ll let you imagine the scene. Julia thought it was hilarious. I (big chicken) shuddered as they told the tale. To my comment that we’d have lost one bike, Stef just said he’d have swum around and got the bike out if he’d had gone over the side. Color me dubious. Anyhow. Biking.

And jogging. Now Julia rides Kalin as I jog along in front. Kalin loves to follow me – will switch sides on the path as I do, has to keep his nose practically rubbing on my shoulder, and also keeps rhythm with my steps. When I speed up, he trots in a perfect beat with me – horses have amazing rhythm and they also, supposedly, synchronize their heartbeats with that of their riders. Their hearing is so keen, they hear our heartbeats. Isn’t that fascinating?

Finally, Gilad – my workout video that I got ages ago to get back into shape. When I put it on, Stef and Julie both howl with laughter. It is so kitsch! Well, yes. It’s on Waikiki beach, there is steel drum music, and Gilad has a funny accent, but I love it, and he’s great and the music is fun – so there.