I went barefoot or wore flip-flops most of my youth, and I’m a little vain about my feet. Summer is here, and when not at work, I pad around in bare feet (to my husband’s horror – he thinks you catch cold by the feet, or germs or something…He never goes barefoot, poor fellow). To keep my feet nice and soft, I love to put rock salt, sugar, olive oil and some herbs in a plastic bucket, then I just sit and scuffle shuffle my feet around in it. I have lavender growing on the balcony, so that’s what I’ll use tonight when I’m watching TV. A rock salt, olive oil, and lavender foot rub. I also bought a bling-bling ring. Fake pink gold with a huge fake pink topaz for all of 5€ – I’m set for summer!

I was trying to watch Wimbledon on the TV the other day – we get all the big tennis tournaments on our regular channels – or so I thought. It seems Wimbledon has sold its soul to Bein sports channel, which we do not get, so I missed my lazy Sunday afternoon watching tennis. I was shocked, but it just goes to show that the world is headed resolutely towards the next Feudal age where the wealthy get to watch their Wimbledon, and the rest of us serfs..don’t. OK, you don’t have to be fabulously wealthy to afford Bein sports – but we’re on  a tight budget and Bein sport doesn’t fit. But even that is beside the point – as part of the major tennis tournaments, Wimbledon ought to be available to the common folk, on the regular TV channels, so us serfs can see it too. *sigh* I warn you, I’m in the middle of reading “Sapiens”, so I will probably sound more and more revolutionary as time goes on!  Speaking of revolutions, I mentioned to a friend that I was excited to see the fireworks here in Mantes for the 14th of July – and she replied that she was never excited about the French revolution – (she’s a closet royalist – thinks those parasites are necessary, for some reason). I have no idea what she thinks the world would be like if the royals had kept their power here in France and we never evolved past the Middle Ages, but seeing how humanity is giving more and more power to massive corporations, we’ll soon find out. I just hope the 1% tosses the rest of us enough scraps to live off, until the next revolution.