Yesterday at the office, a very young girl, perhaps five years old, was in the waiting room while her mother was having her teeth checked by the doctor. After a while, she got up, came to my desk, looked at me seriously and said, “Can I ask you a question?”  Me: Of course!  Little girl: What does the little mouse do with the teeth?                        (In France, the tooth fairy is a little mouse that takes the teeth and leaves a coin in their place.) I told the little girl I had no idea, and she sighed and said , “it’s been bothering me. I have to know.” I offered to look on the internet. There, I found a few books and rhymes about the little tooth mouse, but no real answer, until I found a children’s book online that gave lots of suggestions, and one said the little mouse makes raindrops with milk teeth. I printed up the last page and gave it to the little girl, who was thrilled. Good deed of the day done!

As if to reward me,  my husband took me out to dinner last night. We went to the Italian restaurant, which has a lovely back garden, and we took Auguste, because dogs are often welcome in French restaurants. And of course, they are all well behaved. There was Auguste there, and a Jack Russel as well, both with their water bowls (Auguste spilled his, thank goodness we were outside in the garden).  We walked home in the late evening sunshine (it stays light here until ten pm now!) with our shadows stretching out in front of us. Last night I finished “West of Sunset”, and was sorry it was over. Good books are like that – you just want them to last, like last night, in the sultry garden, with Auguste looking for cats and spilling his water &  getting scolded by Stef, and looking embarrassed. Stef and I sharing a banana split – and Stef let me have the chocolate ice-cream part.