All day long, the sun beats down and the wind blows fever hot. In the courtyard, the leaves on the trees and bushes droop and the grass crackles. In the evening, the sky turns apricot and gold, tangerine and salmon, the clouds tinged with glittering dust.

Yesterday, trains were delayed, tempers frayed, and I made lemonade with fresh mint from my balcony. This morning, I was woken up by a grumble of thunder and a few drops of rain cooled the morning air for a brief moment, but then the sun rose and now the sky is white with roaring heat. Today we stay inside, shades and windows closed, and sit in front of the fan.  11403210_10153444393195798_836473422188519935_n

The plants are gasping, I will water them when the sky is dark. The heat leaches every drop of moisture from the air.