It’s June, and in France the music festival happens! Last night, on the summer solstice, there were bonfires in the countryside, with balls and dancing. In the cities and towns, there was music as bands and orchestras played. In the streets, in parks, and in restaurants the music played in all its forms (and volumes). Last year, we had been wowed by a pop rock band in a small cafe, so we headed there, hoping to find the same group.

We passed a hardware shop, which had set up a tent and barbecue in front, and there was a band with a singer doing a great rendition of Shakira. Downtown there was a huge stage set up in the center of Place Saint Maclou. But in the square, where we expected to find our fun band – it was WAR. A Music War; where three different bars were playing three different types of music All at the Same Time!

Last year, it had been a civilized affair, with one bar showcasing music while the others waited, and as soon as there was a break, the others would start up. But this year it was anarchy and a cacophony, as the Sporting bar cranked up the techno, the band on the other side of the street played on, and behind the Coq Hardy bar, another band played (with quite a crowd around them, and they were pretty good). But the noise was too much, so we headed home. But in a small alleyway, just in front of Chez Auguste, was a trio playing jazz with two guitars and a double bass. We stopped and had a coffee, while listening to fantastic music. They finished up with “Summertime”, and it still rings in my head. A perfect ending to the summer music festival!

*side note – Julia dressed like a rocker and she and her friends spent the evening at the stage at Place Saint Maclou, with the Loud Music, lol.

** oh, and Auguste was with us, of course!