Novel Title: The Boss’s Daughter
Author: Serenity Snow
Release date: May 8th
Genre: BDSM, Vampire, Shifters
Heat Rating: sextreme
A little bit about The Boss’s Daughter
The Boss’s Daughter is the love story of a vampire bat shifter who finally decides to claim her mate. Her mate is her boss’s daughter. Kensal has worked for Tara for two decades and is almost two hundred years old. She’d had her eye on Tara’s daughter Fallina since Fallina was sixteen, but she’s waited thinking it best to allow Fallina time to live a little before she claimed her. Now, Tara’s company is on the verge of bankruptcy and Tara is an alcoholic with a lover intent on stealing her company.
Saving the company will fall to Fallina, but she’s not inclined to run a company. She makes perfume and that’s all she wants to do. So mother and daughter have no choice but to turn to Kensal for help. Kensal has no problem helping them because she wants to run the company as much as she wants the boss’s daughter.

Fallina Mira is a closet lesbian who’s been in love with Kensal, the female vice president of her mother’s company for a year. A chance encounter at a sex club with Kensal sends Fallina down a spiral of passion that sears her soul and brands her as Kensal’s forever. The closer she gets to Kensal she realizes her woman is anything but human. She also uncovers a world of vampire bats and deception that could lead to lead deadly consequences for all involved.  

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