Jack the Stripper is out – let’s make him a star!

Here’s a little excerpt:

As he walked down the street with Mama Hoya, Jack couldn’t help thinking about Brianna. He’d remembered her, but nothing specific, like, had they made love? She’d invited him to stay at her apartment, but maybe she was counting on him sleeping in the guest room. He could recall her apartment, but for some reason, only the living room. Had he even been in her bedroom?
By the time they got to the bus station, several ways of casually asking her if they’d slept together had crossed his mind. “Did the earth move for you when we made love?” No, that sucked. How about, “Do you feel the same about me as when we first made love?” Even worse. The only way to ask was straight out: “Did we ever make love?” and it would be embarrassing to both of them no matter how he phrased it.
When they got their tickets and climbed on board the uptown bus he’d decided that the less he said, the better off he’d be. He’d let Brianna take the initiative. Another, more sobering thought crossed his mind. If he really was dead, would Brianna ever want to sleep with him? Would anyone? Would it be …What was that word described to making love to dead people? Necro-something-other? Necro-romance?
His stomach lurched at the thought. No. It wouldn’t be the same at all. He might be technically dead— but he felt alive. All right. He didn’t have a heartbeat. But his skin was warm. According to the journal, his body burned food as fuel. Most everything functioned as it used to. But with a strong spell, not with … his thoughts were interrupted by Mamie Hoya’s words. She leaned forward and took his hands in hers.
What you got to know, child, is that the man who made you is your master. You will feel an irresistible urge to obey him. But you have to fight it. If you don’t, you’ll become his slave. My guess is he was waiting for you to be born so he could intercept you at the graveyard. Something must have gone wrong, and you were left on your own. He’ll be looking for you. It’s lucky you came to see me. I can help you resist him.”
Is all this in the journal?” Jack asked.
Oh no. That book was written by a zombie still very much under the control of his master. They don’t want their slaves to be free. He’ll be tearing his hair out right now, mark my words, Jack. When you see him, he’ll try his best to bend you to his will. And you’ll see—you’ll feel as if you won’t be able to withstand him. But you have to stand up to him. The fight won’t last long. Once a zombie defies his master, he’s free. Remember that. You must not let your spirit be cowed.”