We’re eating cheap lately. No meat, no frills. But I had a couple cans of tuna in the cupboard, some salad, I found a bag of limes on sale and I splurged on a small tin of coconut milk, so I decided to make tuna nuggets. It’s a big hit with the kids too, and it’s pretty delicious.

Can of tuna, one lime, some garlic powder, bread crumbs, and coconut milk. Crumble bread in a bowl, stir in tuna and add lime juice and coconut milk to make a thick paste. Add some flour to make it stick together better and some salt and garlic powder to taste. Heat oil in a frying pan (not much – you want to fry the nuggets not have them swim…) make nuggets with a spoon and fry until brown all over. Flip over once with a spatula.You can make them small or large and flat, like potato pancakes.

Put on paper towels to dry and serve hot or warm. Delicious with salad. The best sauce with them is a tomato, diced, mixed with more lime juice to make a quick salsa.